Medicine Made Easy: Follow This Young Egyptian Doctor as He Busts Popular Myths and Misconceptions

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Day after day the entire world is realizing the importance of the medical personnel who are fighting on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic right now! As we realize that we need to be more aware when it comes to the basics of medicine and science, now more than ever, we should invest a bit of time to research and properly educate ourselves.

If you can’t invest the time to watch long videos and read long and complicated articles online, then you should definitely check out the channel of Egyptian medical student, Youssef Zohdy: “Medicine Made Easy”. In his short videos, Youssef gives some useful and important insights on medicinal and scientific topics that people commonly misunderstand or know nothing about.

“I started the platform with the aim of explaining medical topics as simple as possible so that everyone can understand it and be aware of what’s happening not only in the world but also in their bodies! Nevertheless, I also try to correct as many medical misconceptions as possible that we all do or encounter in our daily basis!” said Youssef.

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