A Journey of Transparency Through the Land of McDonald’s

When talking about fast food giants, McDonald’s easily reigns supreme. Those two golden arches sign are so well-known that some toddlers can even recognize it even before they are able to utter the word ‘mama’.



McDonald’s has become the Beyoncé of the fast food world. They serve millions of people every day. From its humble beginnings in the 1940’s, the brand has now grown to be a multi-billion dollar company.


Success, fame and fortune are nothing new for McDonald’s. As if that wasn’t enough, the company decided to take things to the next level by being absolutely transparent with their customers. Basically, McDonald’s wants to become our best friend and let us in on all their secrets. Continuing in line with its open door program, they will be launching an all new campaign entitled “Your Right to Know.”


Setting a precedent for the food and beverage industry and willingly giving fast food a new repertoire, McDonald’s has answered all the questions that revolve around the brand and its food through its new platform.




Visitors who are wondering what goes into the famous Chicken McNuggets, how McDonald’s fries are prepared or whether McDonald’s uses halal beef and chicken, will now be able to find factual and transparent answers. ‘Your Right to Know’ will also serve as a truthful reference for customers who may have heard rumors or picked up unsubstantiated internet news about the iconic restaurant.


Most of us know that transparency is key to every business, particularly in today’s world, where people are demanding bigger, better and faster information. Thousands of people have already visited McDonald’s kitchens through their open door program and seen firsthand what the brand delivers to its people. That being said, McDonald’s was one of the first fast food giants in the world to talk about their nutritional informational openly through their communication.


Concerned parents can stop listening to rumors and rather, ask all the questions themselves. It’s an ingenious method for direct communication and open dialogue, putting everyone at ease and keeping the kids happy with all the happy meals their hearts desire!



WE SAID THIS: We’re definitely lovin’ this new campaign.