McDonald’s In A Pickle Amid Renewed Boycotts While UK Franchise Releases Statement

On Tuesday, January 16th, another McDonald’s franchise disavowed its bias for any side in the current Gaza-Israel war. This time, it is the UK franchise that posted a statement on social media, amid the global boycott of the multinational fast-food chain.

“McDonald’s corporation is not funding or supporting any governments involved in this conflict. We abhor violence of any kind and firmly stand against hate speech, and we’ll always proudly open our doors to anyone” said McDonald’s UK statement

McDonald’s In Pickle Since Last October

For four months, the brand’s sales took a blow by the global boycott. This is because almost a week after the war broke out last October, McDonald’s Israel announced donating hundred thousands meals to the security forces, in addition to a 50 percent discount to all rescue forces, in a October 19th statement posted on X.

After the news of IDF receiving thousands of free meals from McDonald’s, Arab branches were quick to release almost identical statements denying their involvement. McDonald’s Egypt, and Saudi Arabia donated millions to the Palestinians in Gaza. However, such statement released by several franchises all over the world are considered by boycotters that their protest is making an impact, and therefore, renewing

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