LISTEN: Mashrou’ Leila’s New Album Is Worth the Two-Year Wait


Forget about Adele, it’s Mashrou’ Leila o’clock!

Mashrou’ Leila never fails to astonish us with their provocative lyrics, tackling sexual, political and social taboos.

Last Saturday night’s concert by Mashrou’ Leila in London was stunning, they played and sang their newest album Ibn El Leil after making their fans linger for two years.

The Lebanese Indie Rock band released their new album on YouTube ahead of its iTunes release, which made every Leilaholic insanely happy and very soon became a trending topic on Twitter across the Middle East.

Let’s go through what Hamed has been drafting for two years.





When Hamed screams “Wassiny”, because why not scream for comfort if you need it?



“3 Minutes”


3 minutes, more like 300 minutes and yet it won’t be enough!





You would not want to miss Hamed dancing away his rebellious spirit on this specific Djin.





Haig Papazian strikes again.





Dancing out the anger.





Let’s shake the conservative music scene.





Did you notice the LGBT element behind this song?





For all the heartbroken out there, stand still and keep singing.



“Bint elKhandaq”


The song every feminist would relate to.





Because politicizing lyrics is their thing.





The instrumental two-minute soundtrack, more like why not 20?





The updated version of “Shim El Yasmine”!



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