12 Arab Rap Artists You Should Be Listening To

Rap is a form of cultural expression that stems back to Africa and was popularized by African American artists that we listen to today. Its purpose is to share the message of struggle and celebrate life and identity. Its globalization has rippled through Middle East to artists who resonate with its ideals but share different narratives.

Here are a few folks to get your playlist started:



“Destiny” by Omar Offendum – Syria




“Ummat Al Thulum” by El Rass & Munma – Lebanon




“El 7ob Fe 3onoq Zogaga” by El Joker – Egypt




“If I Could Go Back Back In Time” by DAM ft. Amal Murkus – Palestine




“Meen El Ma2soud” by Asfalt ft. ZAP Tharwat – Egypt




“The Last Arabs” by The Narcicyst ft. Omar Offendum – Iraq




Alger Pleure by Médine – Algeria




“Now Here Nowhere” by Excentrik – Palestine




“Malaga” by Ostaz Samm – Jordan




“Sawt Nssa” by Soultana – Morocco




“Al Kufiyyeh 3arabeyyeh” by Shadia Mansour ft. Dead Prez – Palestine




“Sam Bel Dam” by Malikah – Lebanon



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