Marzook: Kuwaiti Siblings Perfect the Art of Contemporary Fashion in Their Accessories

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via anazahra


Marzook, the brainchild of Kuwaiti siblings Fahad and Shouq Al-Marzook, are the founders of the much-talked about accessories brand. The Al-Marzooks were raised between Europe, the United States, and Kuwait — which explains why their multicultural upbringing can be seen in their brand.


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Fahad Al-Marzook is the Creative Director, while Shouq Al-Marzook is the CEO of the company. They wanted to express their individuality, which came to be with the help of their mother who took the helm at encouraging them to do so using fashion. “Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing who you are. It’s an art form dedicated to the creation of style. To be fashionable means to express your personality through your style,” Shouq told Vogue magazine.


Traveling helped inspire Fahad to be come the talented creative director he is. His newest collection is called Circle and it represents the cycle of life, completion, inclusion, heaven, eternity, and the universe.


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“Our style was not immediately accepted and was often looked upon as ‘loud’ or ‘extraordinary.’ Soon, people began to realize that our taste was outside the box and started to appreciate our sense of adventure. In fact, some of our friends began adopting our approach,” Fahad added.



They had a previous brand called HbyF Designs, but they felt that they needed to rebrand because Fahad faced the challenge of balancing a nascent venture with university and styling.


@marzook_official SS’18 Mona Lisa MICRO TRUNK // Marzook’s Art Imitates Life campaign creates an adaptation of Leonardo Davinci’s Mona Lisa to blur the lines between pop culture and the veil. Modest Fashion is not only bridging the gap between Eastern and Western fashion culture but also creating far more diversity within the fashion industry. ‎استوحى Marzook حملته الإعلانية لربيع وصيف 2018 والتي تحمل عنوان “الحياة تزيّف الفن ” من لوحة ليوناردو دا فينشي الشهيرة “الموناليزا” التي باتت مع Marzook عصرية وأكثر حشمة. (Photo Credit: @elirezkallah @plastikstudios ) #Marzook #Marzook_Official #SS18 #LifeImitatesArt #MonaLisa #FahadAlMarzook #ShouqAlMarzook #pfw #pfw2017

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Their collection was launched in a very artistic way and was called “Life Imitates Art;” they reformed old classical painting in one shoot with their products, like the The Girl With The Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer and the famous Mona Lisa.


@marzook_official ・・・ SS’18 Girl with Pearl Earring الفتاة ذات الأقراط اللؤلؤية // “Life Imitates Art” Crystal Ball Marzook’s SS’18 campaign is a celebration of the inclusion of diversity in modern fashion. ‎يحتفل Marzook بعودة القطع الفنية الأيقونية الأكثر شهرة في العالم. مجموعة ربيع وصيف ٢٠١٨ جريئة، خارجة عن المألوف ومتجانسة. وتحتفي هذه المجموعة بالحجاب من خلال الفن. (Photo Credit: @plastikstudios @elirezkallah ) #Marzook #Marzook_Official #SS18 #ArtImitatesLife #CrystalBall #FahadAlMarzook #ShouqAlMarzook #pfw18 #pfw2017 #girlwithapearlearring

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And they also did another shoot with a Middle Eastern twist.


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WE SAID THIS: Their products are rad AF!

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