Marketing Agency Client Interactions That Will Have You Laughing Your Socks Off

Working in a marketing agency means that you will interact with a huge roster of clients on a daily basis making it inevitable to face a few slips and misunderstandings that can be quite hilarious. These kinds of stories and interactions end up becoming the talk of the agency and are a constant go-to for a good laugh. So with that, let’s go through some of the funniest stories we heard so far across several marketing agencies.

The Client’s Young Daughter

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There was this one client who wanted us to make him a logo for his new high-end fancy restaurant and told us he will send over some sketches for inspiration. Then came an email with drawings attached but when we opened them we were shocked to find a scanned pencil sketch of two stick figures and a tree. We immediately called the client in confusion only to find him saying “oh, I forgot to mention, my daughter was the one who drew the sketches and I expect you to copy them exactly as is”. His daughter was 3.

– Laila

When Time Is No Object

One time, I was sitting with a client at a cafe and discussing his requirements. He owns a real estate company and was planning on introducing his latest project, a new compound in New Cairo to the public and wanted a massive launching event and campaign. Things took an interesting turn when he told us he wants everything done in 3 days which is an already impossible task but it was made even more ridiculous by the fact that he said he’ll send us the project’s brief after two days.

– Ahmed

What Payment?

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I can never forget this client who asked for us to prepare him a full-fledged ad. He wanted us to go all out and cast big time actors, include creative motion graphics and shoot the entire video on a yacht. This kind of project easily requires a massive budget but when we sat to discuss the expected rates, the client said he will only pay after seeing the final product.

– Reem

Let’s Use The Competitor’s Idea

During a meeting, we were brainstorming with a client ideas for an AD campaign for a beauty brand and he kept dismissing every idea that we would pitch. A bit later, he took out his phone and pointed at an AD campaign made by another beauty brand and said, “I am getting so bored of this, can’t we just use the competitor’s idea for the campaign?”

– Hoda

The Not So Funny Jingles

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Our agency is known to help clients make cute, fun jingles for their ads but weirdly enough, one day, we had one client who wanted to make a video about animal cruelty. Here’s the thing though, he wanted the entire video to be extremely serious but requested a band of animals to play a jingle at the end.

– Mostafa

These stories barely scratch the surface as with every marketing agency, hilarious client interactions are the norm and come with the job. We really do have to hand it to all the marketers out there as their job is the ultimate test of patience but it does lead to some funny stories.

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