Man Steals 7.7 Million AED Before Fleeing UAE

Shock strikes Dubai as a financial manager in a commercial company steals over 7.7 Million AED before fleeing the country.

You might be scratching your head as to how something like this could have happened, and how no one working in the company noticed what was happening, but the slick conman jumped through a few hoops to get this done and escape without being caught.

Several Cons!

According to the Khaleej Times, the convict had been doing several cons at the same time, including embezzling money from the company worth 3.3 million AED (approx. $1 million), which were supposed to be staff salaries. He also transferred four months’ worth of salaries to his bank account within 40 days. 

However, the biggest con of them all came in the form of documents sent to the company’s owner stating that the company had been raided by the police, who took 7.7 million AED ($2.1 million) from the company’s safe, the same safe the convict was responsible for.

Finding Out

Sensing more at play, the owner reached out to the police asking for confirmation of the alleged events; this process revealed that the financial manager was lying about what happened, leading to an investigation.

Security teams looked at footage of the company that showed the financial manager sneaking into the company on his day off and stealing the money from the company’s safe, before making his escape.

Photo by Scott Webb Via Pexels

Unfortunately, authorities weren’t able to catch the individual before he escaped to his undisclosed home country, but the Court of Misdemeanors in Dubai sentenced him in absentia to three years in jail. The absent convict will also be deported from the country after completing his sentence.

Similar Cases

Interestingly, there have been several similar cases in the UAE in 2022 alone. Less than a week ago, the UAE police arrested two brothers after they stole a key and safe card, that gave them access to a tobacco company’s safe. They later snuck in and stole five million dirhams ($1.36 million) but were inevitably found out by security teams looking at footage. The footage led the police to find one of the two thieves, who revealed the location of the other. The Dubai Criminal Court found the two men guilty and sentenced them to five years in prison and deportation after paying back the stolen funds.

There was also another shocking case in early September, which revealed that a British salesman swindled an Egyptian millionaire out of 7.7 million AED ($2.1 million). The Egyptian came to the UAE in hopes of buying a luxury Dubai apartment in 2015 and met with the British salesman who conned his way as a real estate agent, offering the investor plans for what he wanted. After agreeing on the price and the lot, the Egyptian investor came to receive the apartment on the agreed date in 2018 only to find out that the con artist forged the documents and that there was no apartment, to begin with. When the investor notified the police about the situation, he found out that the con artist had done something similar to several other clients and had escaped the country.

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