Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men Who Are Busy

Do you find yourself with little to no time to spend in styling your hair? Here are low maintenance haircuts for men like you.

Many men want to rock stylish and on-trend haircuts, but they don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair every morning. Perhaps, you are an office guy or a college student, and you have less time to spend in front of the mirror every day. So, what is the best way out?

You should think about low maintenance haircuts. Fortunately, there is a countless number of them for men that need little to no maintenance styles. The best thing about these low maintenance haircuts for men is that they are ridiculously handsome and you can wear them in any event. Besides, most of these haircuts you can style them at the comfort of your couch. As such, you can save some coins and also time since you no longer need to buy styling products nor make trips to your barber every now and then.

Taper fade

This is the best choice for gents who need a short and tidy looking haircut. In this haircut for men, the hair on the top is left longer, and then the sides are tapered until the hair seamlessly blend with the clean skin. This hairstyling provides you with a manageable cut.

Classic taper

A classic taper hairstyle is both chic and low maintenance. The manes non the sides and the back are tapered while that on the crown is trimmed to a longer length compared to that on the back and the sides. This haircut for men can be styled on any length.

This look is ideal for modern and fashion-forward men who are not ready to sacrifice beauty for low maintenance. If you keep the hair on the top at a manageable length, you don’t need to apply any product, but you can apply if you want to. You can also match this hairstyle with a side part.

Ivy league

This is one of the most popular haircuts for men and it is ideal for men who prefer to appear professional. It is a classic take on the crew cut, that is styled by leaving enough hair on the top. Just like the classic taper cut, an ivy league is also a short hairstyle that lets you incorporate a side part if you want. It is a cleaner style compared to the classic taper cut, as the hair is kept uniform in most cases. It is suitable for guys with angular facial features.

Crew Cut

While haircuts such as burr, Caesar, and butch involve styling the hair uniform length, the crew opts for different styling. It includes a beautiful fading pattern that makes it unique and different from the rest of low maintenance haircuts for men.

In this men’s haircut, the hair is kept longer on the front of the head and then faded back with the shortest lengths being at the back. Both manes on the back and sides are nicely tapered to a shorter length. The crew cut is the best style to choose if you want to highlight and define your facial features.

Fine straight strands

Men with thin and straight hair can take advantage of shorter hairstyles. These short haircuts for men like on Pinterestare generally low maintenance. For instance, this haircut accentuates the natural texture while maintaining the style neatly.

Simple texture and low volume

If your manes lie flat on your head, then you will find this men’s hairstyles ideal for you. Rather than trying to change how your hair behaves, it is better to embrace its behaviour by opting for a haircut like this one.

High and tight.

This hairstyle is a classic look that never goes out of the version and it is an excellent option to reveal your texture since the focus is concentrated on the manes on the top.

Irregular fringes and textured top

This punky haircut for men is characterized by two elements; asymmetry and personality. The manes are layered to bring out a sense of motion that creates a bold statement.

Disconnected buzz haircut.

One of the most celebrated haircuts for men. This is an effortless and seamless haircut, but you can enhance it with some modifications. It includes dual clean shaved lines that incorporate great visual interest to the style.

Blonde french crop

This is one of the must-have and low maintenance haircuts for men. The blonde highlights can make it pop.

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