Embrace Your Stretch Marks With The @LoveYourLines Instagram Account

As negative as social media tends to be at times, every now and then someone thinks of something unbelievably inspirational and heartwarming to support people as opposed to bullying them. Two mothers decided to start an Instagram account called @LoveYourLines to share what a post-pregnancy body really looks like.

The account put out a call for submissions and women started sharing hundreds of stories. Every post shows how women of different backgrounds, ages and weight came to encounter the tiger stripes. This is one of the best self-acceptance accounts you will ever come across.

With summer just around the corner, you can hear women and even yourself worrying about body image perfection, and I believe I couldn’t have across this account at a more perfect time.



No one is ever safe when it comes to stretch marks, you can find them on girls going through a growth phase





Or a supermodel


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Or someone who has always been described as skinny


"I came across your page & came to tears reading story after story relating with many. Who knew I wasn't the only "skinny" 20 something dealing with these lines. I'm a soon to be 21 year old who is confident in her clothes & style. I'm the gal that always spread the words of loving oneself & owning your confidence in your beautiful god given skin. When all said I'm also the gal that comes home undresses and cries because these lines won't leave me. I'm 110 lbs, I've always been thin but since I was in highschool I notice these lines how they got here I'll never know but I'm learning everyday to own them. Do they scare me for the future when I decide to be fruitful and multiply yes, but as I read all these stories these lines interpret as Beauty Marks, screw them. We are beautiful women with beautiful skin, whether they tell a story or are just simply due to growth let's own them. We are all beautifully marked."

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They could be a symbol of creating life





Or a woman who never got pregnant  




Maybe even someone with an autoimmune disease




Whatever your story is with stretch marks, love and embrace them, for each line tells a story.



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