Love Iraqi Food? Follow These Bloggers to Satisfy All Your Cravings

Believe it or not, Iraqi cuisine, also called the Mesopotamian cuisine, is arguably one of the most delicious food in the Middle East. A country with such a long and rich history that’s surrounded and interacting with neighboring countries like Syria, Iran, Turkey, and the bay area, led Iraq to have more spices, flavors, and colorful dishes just like its people. From the famous Doulma to the delicious Koufta and Kabab, we’ve accumulated a few of the best chefs and food enthusiasts who’ve taken over social media because they simply enjoy cooking delicious food and are eager to keep the tradition alive.

So if you’d like to learn more about Iraqi cuisine please scroll down to check the talented Iraqi chefs and bloggers that you need to keep on your radar!

Mr. Hungry

Ex-MasterChef contest Chef Shaheen, known as Mr. Hungry, is one of my favorite chefs on social media. Although he’s currently residing in the UK, his love for the Iraqi food didn’t fade away, if you follow him on social media you’d definitely enjoy his cooking journeys; he’d take you to the supermarket where he buys his ingredients, all the way to his kitchen where he cooks his delicious dish of the day, that always “tekhlas bsor3a”.

Cook With Ria

Ria initially started cooking for fun, as her friends and family always enjoyed her mouthwatering dishes, it simply made her happy. Not so long ago she decided to take on social media to show off her cooking skills, her account started growing by the day till one day she was actually featured in the number one Iraqi channel, Al-Sharqia! We’re so proud of you Ria, keep going.

By Menan

Egypt’s resident, Menan Al- Meshry on the other hand, is a young media graduate girl who has a growing passion for food. Among her friends, she’s the go-to one when deciding where and what to eat, always trust her tastebuds. On her Instagram account, Menan would always take you to one of her favorite restaurants to give you the full scoop on their menu and advise you what to order. She was also featured on the Egyptian channel, Ten, where she cooked the famous Iraqi dish; “Timan Bagila”.

Ishtar Kitchen

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برياني لحم

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Aya Naoush definitely took us all by surprise. This Iraqi mom and wife, resident in Egypt with a full-time job decided to start her own catering business to simply practice her love for cooking Iraqi food and her passion to keep our delicious cuisine alive even when she’s miles away from home. So if you’re an Iraqi living in Cairo craving the smell and taste of our incredible food, don’t hesitate to order from Ishtar.

The Iraqi Table

Raghda Al-Safi is the genius mind behind the cookbook “The Iraqi Table” I personally follow her account on social media just to get my daily dose of looking at the amazing food she cooks and the many events she caters for. I religiously watch her stories to see how perfectly she sets tables at different events, sense the ‘Iraqi’ vibe, the beautiful music, and the delicious food.

Add a Little Lemon

This food blog is just the cutest, all the way from the U.S, the gorgeous Sara Ahmed will take you on the most delicious journey to explore Iraq’s stories, heritage, and experiences all through food.

Keto Diet with Nour Al-Tahan

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ستيك دجاج عربي على طريقة بيتنا 😌 هواية منكم يشكون من الملل و بنفس الوقت يفضلون اكل سهل اني ببساطة اجرب اغير انواع التتبيلات بالستيك و شنو اقدم معا حتى دائماً يكون شي مختلف و اتجنب الملل 🤩 الخضار المسلوقة : بروكلي كوسا جزر فاصوليا خضراء كوب و نص ماء ٢ ملعقة كوب ماجي كيتو ملح هملايا ستيك الدجاج : ٢ صدر دجاج مقطع بشكل رفيق 2 بصل حجم كبير مقطع شرائح رشة ملح ٢ ملعقة طعام معجون البندورة ٢ ملعقة طعام coconut liquid aminos رشة ملح الليمون ١ عصير ليمونة زيت زيتون رداً علو اسألتكم بشكل مسبق 🤓 ١- عل الجزر كيتو ؟ نعم كيتو بس محدود . و يفضل عند ثبات الوزن . ٢- هل الفاصوليا الخضراء كيتو ؟ نعم كيتو و لكن ايضاً محدودة . ٣- شنو هو ال coco liquid aminos ؟ هو بديل الصويا صوص الكيتوني 😋 ‏ #ketofriendly #ketogenicdiet #keto ‏‎ #كيتو_دايت #كيتوني #دايت_صحي #رجيم #كيتوني #وصفات_كيتو ‎#صحي #وصفات_دايت #دايت #كيتو #نظام_غذائي #سكري #صيام_متقطع #سعودية #كيتودايت #كيتون_دايت #كيتوجينيك_دايت #كيتون #كيتونيه #كويتيات #العراق #وزن_زائد #كويت #ابوظبي #دبي #البحرين #قطر

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If you’re on a Keto diet, then this account is the one you need. This Iraqi young lady has all the pieces of information you need to follow a healthy and delicious diet, inspire you to start, and set a schedule that fits you perfectly to lose weight in no time.

Noor Raddam

Mrs. Raddam is an Iraqi wife and mom who has been living in Egypt for decades now. Although her account is relatively new we want to support her to keep cooking this delicious food that we enjoy watching, we can’t wait to try her ‘Doulma’!

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