Looking for Free Relationship Advice? A YouTube Ad Does Just That With Three Simple Tips!

Let’s face it, we all crave a stable, peaceful, and healthy relationship, and in this new day and age, the abundance of information and love gurus is overwhelming and frankly confusing. But sometimes, when you had enough of trying to figure out love and relationships, life gives you a funny light-hearted piece of advertisement that puts things in perspective. 

In the Homzmart ad, an app for buying furniture, a run-of-the-mill couple argues about furniture and how the product came in and got the job done without the male who doesn’t ‘allocate’, ‘facilitate’, or ‘reassure’. The use of these three English words in an Egyptian context was the funniest punchline in the whole ad. But if we take a moment and actually listen to these three words separately, we will find an infinite amount of wisdom!


Via: Wsimag

Starting with the first word: Allocate, how does that fit in a relationship? Well, it’s the first step to any healthy relationship. Just to specify what your partner needs, allocate the needs required from you in terms of providing physically and emotionally. And this is a crucial step for two main reasons. One is how you do it, whether acquiring the information by simply asking your partner the right questions at the right time or if you’re empathetic or intuitive, focusing on the little details of your partner’s behavior is key to knowing what they want. Two is how you actually allocate what your partner needs without showing, meaning being subtle.


The second word mentioned in the ad was to facilitate, which basically means to make it easy for your partner to give and receive what both of you allocate without barriers or formalities, which is an easy thing to do only if you did the first step right by allocating thoroughly and subtly. After all, a relationship is meant to make your life more peaceful and manageable without extra burdens.


The final and most important step of the whole three steps program for happiness is to reassure. This is undoubtedly the hardest to accomplish. Since in order to reassure, you need to be able to first find out what worries your partner then find the right thing to say and do. Keep in mind that these so-called steps that come out from a funny ad are just guidelines for you to follow on your own terms and in your own way. 

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