Little Moments Of Disappointment

Just like little moments of happiness are enough to make your day, or even year, there are some pesky things that, although tiny in the grand scheme of things, just make our heart sink.



1. When you wake up five minutes before your alarm rings



If there’s anything that is truly sacred, it’s those few minutes before you’re actually supposed to wake up. They’re not just any five minutes because without them, you find yourself in zombie mode. And oh, if it’s someone’s fault you woke up, they’re dead meat.



2. When you’re on the toilet seat and you realize you’re out of toilet paper


as-you-run-out-of-toilet-paper_o_735292Need I say more?



3. When you order food and it comes cold after hours of waiting



You’re at work, starving and the one thing you look forward to is the food you just ordered. If keeping you waiting isn’t bad enough, getting it cold is just one big fat bummer! Enough to alter your mood for the entire day (or maybe until the next meal fixes that up).



4. When you’re in the shower and you’re out of shampoo



Why don’t we ever check before we get all soaked up?



5. When you lose money you’re sure you had



I don’t care if I spent it without realizing it, opening my wallet and finding 10 LE instead of 100 LE is really disappointing!



6. When your battery dies right in the middle of an important conversation






7. When someone eats the leftovers you’ve been dreaming of all night



After all the anticipation, the dreams and the excitement to wake up just to eat those yummy leftovers, it is legal to strangle those food thieves!



8. When your favourite series is over… Even worse when your favourite character dies



Now this may be a lot more than just a “little” moment of disappointment for some… but that moment after you’ve finished watching an entire season in one night and the only thought you can think of is, “What the hell am I supposed to do with my life now?”



9. When your phone rings and you get excited and it turns out to be your mum



No offense mum, we love you! It’s just that we expected it to be a special someone!



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