Little Egyptian Girl Loses Her Cool On Facebook Because Cheetos is Expensive

Another day, another Facebook rant about the soaring prices. Just when we thought adults were the only one’s suffering, a cute little girl with lovely curly hair proved us wrong. A video went viral after a little kid, we assume not older than 6-years-old, throws the cutest fit in history on Facebook.


The girl starts by pleading the government to find a solution with the increase in prices. Her main concern was that a bag of Cheetos is now for EGP 1.5, and she will not accept that. Elmasroof mesh mekafy ya 7otoooma (The allowance isn’t enough). Super cute.



Watch the Internet’s new star below:


كلمة بسيطة للحكومة المصرية?✋️

Posted by ‎Shizoo Style /شيزو ستايل‎ on Wednesday, April 12, 2017



WE SAID THIS: We wonder what the girl would think when she knows how much a car costs now.

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