Am I the Only Know Who Noticed Lipton’s New Black and White Packs?


Okay so, I was doing my normal every other day grocery shopping  — I was actually just looking for some ripe avocados to make for an Instagrammable breakfast — when I bumped into something quite weird.


It was Lipton. Yes, the very same tea giants. You might ask me what exactly was weird about them, because what is weird about tea, especially Lipton’s (I drink at least five of them a day — with milk obviously because #ShaiBelLabanGoals). What was weird about Lipton is their boxes; they were black and white.


We’re not quite sure if this happened on purpose or not. What happened to the colors? Is that their actual new packaging? This is why I have trust issues, to be honest.



WE SAID THIS: I’ll keep you up to date as soon as I find out any more news about this black and white packaging — AND I WILL. In the meantime, you can find them where I did at Carrefour; some of my friends, however, told me that you can also find them at Hyper One and Fathalla.