Life After College: 9 Things You Are Not Prepared For

Many students think that after university everything will be cool, but you need to understand that adult life is not as simple as it seems. Of course, students have a lot of worries already. Students do not have enough time, have financial problems and always feel tired. However, now students can buy an essay from professionals and do not worry anymore. However, in adulthood, hardly anyone will do the work for you and you need to be prepared for this. In this article, we will tell you about what you should be prepared for after college.

1. You Will Lose Old Friends

Stories around ten classmates who were true friends until silver hair, in all likelihood, will stay only in the movies. At one not-so-wonderful moment, you will find that you have lost contact with many of those with whom you shared the most sacred. And all new friends are your colleagues. In adulthood, you have neither the time nor the desire to get involved in adventures since you are generally tired of people.

2. You Will Have to Develop a System of Self-Ratings

As a child, you get used to the fact that there is always a moderator of your behavior near you. The teacher gives grades, parents give candies for good behavior. You learn to balance between personal interests and attempts to please an adult, but at the same time, you see the framework into which you can return if something happens.

In adulthood, reference points will become much smaller and an internal rating system will have to be developed. For some actions, no one will praise or scold you, and you yourself must know what is acceptable and what is not in order to continue to respect yourself.

3. With Age, the Fear of Doctors Does Not Go Away

You used to be afraid of a doctor because he looked into your mouth and gave you a painful shot. Over the years, the fear will not go away, there will be more reasons to panic.

4. The Body will Worse with your Age

From the point of view of social life, 25 is the new 18, at the age of 30 life is just beginning, and I cannot call 60 an old age. But your body will think differently. One day – and quite early – you will feel that something is wrong with him. In a couple of years, you will definitely know what is wrong with him, and realize that from now on it will only get worse. You will have a first-aid kit with medicines for all occasions.

5. Your Metabolism will Change

It doesn’t matter how much you could eat and not get better: a handful or a bucket. With age, you will have to eat less to maintain weight, because metabolism will slow down.

6. It is Impossible to Feel Old Enough

The argument “when I become an adult” will never lose its relevance, just once it will be embarrassing to pronounce it out loud. No miracle will happen on the day you turn 18, 21, 30 years old. It’s just that one day you will find yourself in a difficult situation, decide to ask for help from adults and you will understand that the oldest here is you.

7. Even the Dream Job is Primarily a Job

Things that you love will sometimes annoy you, and work also applies to this. A dream job will be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Great work differs from just work in that at least sometimes you will feel happy thinking about what you are doing.

8. People Will Not Stop Interfering your Life

Hopes that with age you will finally stop being taught by someone will not come true. Everyone around them will continue to believe that they know better how you should live. Only if earlier for approval it was enough to study well and not dye your hair green, now the list of public expectations does not fit in a 48-sheet notebook. At the very least, people will think that for some reason you are interested in knowing their opinions.

9. You Will Find Gaps in Technical Literacy

You may be amazed at how the parents could not write SMS, exactly until you find that you are a few steps behind the teenagers. After all, why master a new technology if the old one works great?


There are many things that students may not be ready for. Some things from adulthood will make you regret that as a child you wanted to grow as quickly as possible. However, adulthood is not so bad and it is worth understanding this. We have told you a number of things to expect from life after college, so you have time to prepare, don’t waste it.

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