Lessons From Prophet Mohamed (PBUH): Don’t Be Judgmental


Many negative things are said about Islam and people choose to generalize about Muslims based on an extreme vocal minority that doesn’t represent us in any way. It has become so common that we, Muslims, don’t even understand Islam.

Being judgmental or adopting someone else’s opinion as your own without being sure is something that only leads to assumptions, causing difficulties without a basis of truth.

In the below story, Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) teaches us the consequences of being judgmental:


One day, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was going somewhere at noon. It was so hot in the desert and he saw an old woman carrying her luggage on her head. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) helped her and took the luggage from her and carried it.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked the woman where she was going and why. She said that she was leaving this town as she had heard that a magician named Muhammad (PBUH) was in town.

As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was very patient and kind, he didn’t say a word and kept listening. The old lady continued to complain about the reason why she was leaving the town.

In short, the basic reason of her wanting to leave the town was her misconception about Muhammad (PBUH), who was walking beside her and she had no idea.

While walking with Muhammad (PBUH), that old woman noticed that this young man had a brightness on his smiling and humble face. And she also noticed that he smelled of perfume. She was very impressed.

When they reached their destination, Muhammad (PBUH) put down the bag and was about to leave when the old woman said, “O, kind person! At least tell me your name!” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied, “I am the person because of whom you left the town.”


We tend to do the same with political parties, hating them just because we’ve been hearing rumours about them and spreading the rumours for more people to hate them. This is just one example, but think about how judgmental and stereotypical we’re becoming in every single aspect of our lives and think twice before imposing that judgment without proper proof. Be a Muslim 🙂



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