Legendary Algerian Singer Souad Massi To Perform in Cairo This Month!


One of the most popular artists in the Arab World, Souad Massi, is coming back to perform in Egypt; one of the countries where her fanbase is absolutely enormous! Massi will be performing in one of the coolest venues in the west side of Cairo, The Tap West, and the event will take place on Monday, the 26th of November.

Via The Tap West

Massi is joining a huge line-up of international superstars that performed and still scheduled to perform at the Tap West this month. That includes Kraak and Smaak from the Netherlands, Kolombo from Belgium, Heavy Pins from Greece, David Penn from Spain, and Sharam Jay from Germany.

Via The Tap West

We can’t wait to see the Algerian Queen sing some of her all-time fan-favorite classics, like Raoui, and Gheir Enta!

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