Legality of Paying for Help in College

Essay writing services are all over the internet, advertising help for students in any subject. These services have been designed to offer help to students when writing an essay and they can provide some great value. However, are they legal? Yes. There are no laws that prevent anyone from hiring someone to complete a written assignment. The question should be, is it moral? This is where things get tricky. While you can legally purchase an essay from a  trusted company, you may be breaking certain rules in place at your college.

Before you spend money and hire an essay service, be sure you understand the rules and restrictions in place at your school and review the privacy policy offered by the service. You want to make sure that your details are always kept confidential and that they are never shared with any third party.

Is It Considered Cheating?

This all depends on who you ask. As a student, most will not see this as a form of cheating. If they use the service the way it is intended, they will receive a paper as a guideline. It is not meant to be submitted as the student’s original work. Therefore, f a paper is ordered and received and the student hen takes that to create their own essay, there is no form of cheating taking place. 

However, if a purchased essay is simply submitted by a student and no additional work or editing is performed, this can be seen as cheating and there can be consequences. 

What are the Consequences?

While the best services will take steps to protect your information and not share your details, there is a chance you will be caught using these services. Even if you hire the best essay writers and are caught, you can face serious problems at your college. Universities have a contract cheating policy to prevent students from buying any work from others. If students breach this policy, there is a chance they can be expelled. Some colleges take a more serious approach and it is possible to lose a degree that has been earned if you have been found to engage in contract cheating. 

Colleges are Taking Action

Colleges in the US and the UK are taking steps to try banning the use of essay writing services. While there are no laws that prevent students from using thee at this time, schools are trying to crack down on the availability of such services. The US and British government is trying to outlaw these options to prevent cheating. In England, a law is about to be passed that will reform post-16 education and make it a criminal offense to provide any essay witting services to students. The US, Australia, and New Zealand are also planning to take similar legal action.

While buying an essay online is legal and is a way for students to get the help they need, it comes with some serious consequences if you are caught. With new laws in the works, these services may soon be banned in many countries.

WE SAID THIS: While the legal issues fall on the operating companies, students will still face severe penalties if they are found using any paid services to complete coursework.