Lebanon Is Burning and It Needs Your Help

Disturbing and massive wildfires have erupted in Lebanon, literally swallowing everything in its way; from trees, houses, schools, and roads leaving all engulfed in flames. According to Beirut “The fires originally started in Mechref, and have spread across neighbouring areas like Debbie, Na’ameh, Damour, Aramoun, and more. Meanwhile, more fires broke out in Akkar overnight and in the early hours of the morning”.

My heart is aching from watching the devastating fires that continue to spread across the country. People are being evacuated from their homes not knowing if they would ever find their way back.

There are many ways for you to offer a helping hand, even if you’re miles away. You can call: Shouf: +961 70605938 Kharoub region:+961 70761000 There are also 22 apartments ready to host anyone who is affected by the fire, to reach out, call: +961 71159116. Finally, click here to place your donation.

Several horrifying footageges are circulating through different social media outlets at the moment, and I have collected some of them for you here.

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