Lebanese Superstar Fairuz Releases a Heartwarming Video Praying for Humanity

Lebanon’s iconic singer Fairuz recently appeared in a new video that was posted on her official Twitter account, where she appears to be holding the Bible in her hands, sitting on a red sofa inside her house and praying for humanity to be saved from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Psalm she chose not only gave Fairouz’s fans a prayer to hold on to during the distress and the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but also a small glimpse of her house as well a personal life that has been surrounded by total secrecy her whole life.

“Why, O LORD, do you stand far away? Why do you hide in times of trouble?”

Psalms 10:1

For many years, people used to see Fairouz sing hymns and pray in one of Lebanon’s churches or monasteries. However, this year, Fairouz surprised us all by praying from her own home as if to encourage everyone to “stay home”.

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