Learn the Magic Behind Keeping Your Kids Quiet on A Plane

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Traveling might be one of the greatest things that could ever happen to you, but traveling with a kid or two is not the best thing in the world. In fact, it’s a nightmare for you and for every single person on board. A crying kid on a flight, other than it’s annoying and frustrating, it’s very embarrassing for the parent especially if he/she is unable to make the kid stop. Don’t fret, mom and dad, we’re here to the rescue. Here are five tricks you can try with your little monsters.

Let them unleash their inner Picasso

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If you’re little ones fancy drawing or coloring, pack a coloring book or a sketchbook. It’s a great way to keep them busy and distracted. Some airlines even provide colors and coloring books themselves especially on long-haul flights.

Cartoons kill time

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Decent airlines normally offer an entertainment system on board and it usually has a kids category. If you’d like to stay on the safe side, especially if your child is picky and already has his/her favs, bring a tablet instead. This way you can pre-download their favorite episodes or animation movies on Netflix kids or from their favorite YouTube channels.

The favorite snack award

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If you have a stubborn child, you may need to resort to positive reinforcement. Pack his/her favorite snacks and reward them if they act like polite kids.

Drain them!

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Try to make some time to consume their energy by doing any physical activity prior to your flight. This way, sleeping would be inevitable!

The stranger talk

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Worst case scenario, get the flight attendant to talk to them. I know it sounds weird or embarrassing, but actually, it works! At least, it will embarrass the kid and that’s exactly what you need. A stranger walking up to a crying kid and casually asking why they’re crying would alter their munchkin ego. Just make sure he/she would be friendly and not harsh.

WE SAID THIS: Good luck!

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