Leap 2024 Day 1 Roundup: Riyadh Welcomes Tech Titans and Record-Breaking Investments

One of the biggest global tech events, Leap, landed in Riyadh, kicking off its first day with record investments. Continuing until March 7, the whole world has its eyes set on the Kingdom, as on just the first day, major breakthroughs were made.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known as the cloud computing company that offers pay-as-you-go services such as storage, databases, and management tools. At Leap 2024, the company decided to set its sights on the Kingdom by investing 5.3 billion dollars in building a new cloud region in Saudi.

The leading American computer manufacturer known as IBM also made a major appearance at Leap. The company is going to invest $500 million in establishing an IBM software lab, the first in the Kingdom. This lab will be used to develop software locally and conduct research.

New Openings in the Kingdom

Dell Technologies also has major plans in the Kingdom. On the first day of Leap, it announced its plans to build a manufacturing and fulfillment center, which will be the first in the META region.

Cisco, known as the worldwide leader in IT and networking, also had its eyes set on the Kingdom, as it plans to establish new regional headquarters in Riyadh.

With all these projects and plans launched on just the first day of the event, it showcases how the global tech world will be making a big landing in the kingdom.

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