The Middle East’s Obsession With Plastic Surgery


It’s no secret that the Middle East is home to a booming cosmetic surgery industry. From “lunchtime procedures” like Botox in Beirut and full on body contouring in Dubai, the nip and tuck business is ripe in the region. It’s not just the Middle East where you can get cosmetic surgery, there are loads of places where you can sort out your aesthetics.


The leader of cosmetic surgeries in the Middle East is the ultimate destination for many men and women looking to go under the knife using someone similar to Dr. Swail. It has even been nicknamed the “Mecca” of plastic surgery. According to Lebanese experts in the field, 1.5 million operations are done per year. That’s a huge number considering the country’s population is 4 million people.

Lebanon offers operations for every request under the sun, especially those concerning the face and chest area. From rhytidoplasies and rhinoplasties to breast augmentation, Lebanon’s cosmetic surgery scene has got it all.

People from all over the Gulf and North Africa flock to Lebanon to get some work done on them. Not only is Lebanon much closer, but getting cosmetic surgery done there would cost only a fifth of the price in the U.S.



Known for its luxurious lifestyle and willing clientele, Dubai has recently gained popularity as “the world’s plastic surgery hub”. Surgeons in leading countries like the U.S. and Brazil are leaving their homelands and moving their business to the Emirate that almost 200 nationalities call home.

Dubai’s cosmetic surgery scene offers a huge variety of operations, breast augmentation and liposuction being among the most popular.

Patients are mainly from the Gulf, considering Dubai is just a short flight away from any of the region’s countries. As a result, Lebanon is said to have suffered from almost a 30% decrease in its clientele because of Dubai’s growing pace in the nip and tuck business.


The country that has been ranked 10th worldwide in cosmetic surgery (2013) is home to some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons. It has even been nicknamed as the “nose job capital of the world”, with women undergoing rhinoplasty at rate that’s seven times higher than in the U.S. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can help to reduce the prominence of something like a hooked nose using dermal fillers instead of surgery.


When it comes to dental or body cosmetic operations, Egypt is the leader in that field. New technologies and techniques, especially in the abdominal area, seem to come to Egypt first. It is also a main destination for anyone looking to perform Lasik operations on their eyes for the abundance of ophthalmologists in the country.

Almost any operation will cost you less in Egypt than anywhere else in the region. VASER in Egypt costs almost half as much as in London and gastric stapling costs as half as it does in Dubai. People from Libya, Syria and Iraq especially come to Egypt to get operations such as gastric sleeve (gastric stapling) and VASER operations done.

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