Le Carnaval’s Insanely Expensive Kahk Box Finally Revealed

Just when we thought supermarkets and dessert stores were going to be less crowded, the kahk frenzy starts. Eid is upon us and everyone is searching for the perfect kahk to feast on this Tuesday.

The market is full of options and varieties of ingredients, textures, and price ranges. Yet, a Facebook post of a box at Le Carnaval is the only kahk that managed to go viral.

Unknown source
Unknown source

The post included two boxes with price tags quoting EGP 6350 and EGP 5350. Another kahk review by Hagar Says stated that the 300g box is EGP 140 at Le Carnaval. Although it was one of the best kahk she reviewed due to the perfect ghee used and texture, she still believed it was over priced.

The Scoop Empire team made a visit to Le Carnaval’s store in Dokki in the hopes of solving Egypt’s biggest mystery regarding the real prices of their packages. Photography was not allowed, however, the prices you read online are true. Depending on the box size, prices range from EGP 1500 to EGP 6530.

Youm 7 just released a video of the actual componenets of each box. The box includes even smaller boxes with plain kahk, kahk with walnuts, pistachio or hazelnuts, kahk with aagwa or agameya, maamoul, butter cookies (Ghorayeba), petit four and biscuits.

While they actually look delicious and will definitely taste heavenly, would you pay over EGP 6k for a box of sweets?

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