Ladies-Only Beaches in Sahel

By Salma Khattab

Most girls who go to Sahel have the opportunity to wear what they want such as shorts and bikinis. But what about veiled women? Well, good news girls; there are secret spots only for us! You can have complete privacy and get the perfect tan.

Personally, as a veiled woman, I face many hardships and difficulties during the summer season. One of these is the sun and heat with all the layers that any veiled girl has on. Thus, sometimes I feel that I want a place where I can enjoy some freedom.

Surprisingly, this dream has come true. In Sahel, today we can now find private pools and beaches only for females. Even if you’re a non-veiled female who would prefer not to be among men you don’t know, read on to find out where Sahel’s ladies-only beaches are.

Photo: Facebook/@EveLadies Beach

Le Femme Beach, Flamingo Beach, and Eve Beach are three great locations in Marina 5. They offer a host of perks and services specially catered to pampering women. On these beaches, they are all ladies; the waiters, owners, and DJs are all women. You can have fun relaxing and listening to music all the time from 12 PM until 7 PM. Sometimes, they organize events with celebrities. And it all comes at very affordable prices. Yalla! Go reserve your place.

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