10 Useful Apps for Your Child’s Learning

Over the past few decades, the education industry has experienced a significant transformation. With the advancement in technology, the arrival of apps made learning easier. Latest apps have developed the interest of students in learning. Now they can get access to any kind of information through a single click.

The things learned in childhood will stay with the kid for a lifetime. So, it is necessary you develop the right learning skills. As children are becoming more tech savvy with each passing day, it is critical to introduce new learning methods to them. In this article, we have added some of the best educational apps for children.

How is e-learning better for your kids?

Edutainment is a new term; it is a combination of “education” and “entertainment” it means presenting learning in a fun manner. Teaching kids are far more challenging than teaching college students. Their sense of understanding and interpreting things needs has to be molded in the right way from the beginning classes.

Children find regular classroom sessions quite dull. It would be a great idea to bring in new learning strategies like edutainment. It is learning with entertainment which not only makes education fun for them but also helps them to understand quickly. The additional essential elements of these techniques comprise games, apps, podcasts, film, and television or taking educational trips.

To further induce a child’s interest in learning, you can make use of different gadget accessories. For example, Smartphone holders, tablet mounts and headrest iPad holder are some tools that make gadget usage convenient for kids.

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Useful apps for child’s learning:

Are you searching for the best educational apps for your child’s learning skills? We collected ten most useful apps for your kids that engage their mental capabilities and allow them to enjoy learning.


ClassDojo is a virtual classroom style learning app that is number one on this list. By using this app, student, teachers, and parents all can interact with one another. Teachers can talk to children about their educational requirements.

Parents can stay in touch on their child’s learning, and kids can avail all the attention needed for better learning. Unlike other apps, ClassDojo does not spoil the classroom experience. It acts as a positive tool of communication and learning and helps everyone to stay on the same page.


When you are seeking a simple way to help your kid learn a new language, Duolingo pops up as one of the best options and is incredibly fun to use. This application offers learners a variety of styles from different languages including Danish, Dutch, Spanish, German, Irish, Italian, French and English. It is completely free to use and download and does not have any hidden charges. The in-app purchases are kept real.

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Dragonbox is another notable mention in this list. It is an educational game that teaches math fundamentals to kids by making learning exciting and fun. There are five learning apps for maths, including geometry and algebra. Some people deem maths as a nightmare but developing aptitude for it at young age can be beneficial. Kids can find it very interesting if you teach them in a fun way and DragonBox serves the purpose.

Quick Maths

This app is also focused on making children familiar with numbers, teaching the necessary math skills to students. Quick Maths can cater to kids of all ages, but mainly it covers the mathematical concept of grades two to six. It is by far the best option for increasing kid’s ability to get familiar to numerical concepts. This app is available on the app store.

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YouTube Kids

Wholly created and developed for children, Youtube Kids deals in learning videos. It also includes entertainment content to encourage and improve kids imagination. It is one of the best learning apps for children due to the ease of understanding it provides.

Furthermore, they can discover things that catch their mind. This app is accessible for free use, modest to handle, and offers kids-oriented videos. It includes material for kids of all age groups.


The National Science Foundation has developed his app. It is built for tablet users only, and showcases platform advanced science, videos for children and engineering news images. All content available is authentic and updated every week. NFS gets the content from the leading universities and scientists all around the world. The cool 360-degree view allows the kids to explore 3D pictures from every angle.

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Crossword Puzzles

This is a smart and cool app for kids with a high intellectual level. It guarantees fun with learning for the kids. Crossword Puzzle supports many elements of education and assists children to excel in school. Set your child up for accomplishment by inspiring them to use this app.

Spelling Stage

Some children find learning spellings difficult, but with Spelling Stage, they can ace their spelling quizzes. The paid subscription provides a diverse range of words for different age groups from adults to preschoolers.

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Flow Free

This puzzle game is quite intriguing for both kids and adults. There are 2000 puzzles available in it for free. Nonetheless, there is also an additional purchase option for the expansion packs.

My Molecularium

My Molecularium is one of the most entertaining yet beneficial apps for students. It is designed for High School students based on different chemistry principles. The fun activities within the app allow students to learn chemistry concepts like molecules and chemical formulas quickly.

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Mobile app development offers a lot of benefits in the education industry. Students are more driven towards using tablets and smartphones for different subjects. All kinds of information are available on their gadgets. They can use apps to learn the most complex scientific concepts without much effort. All the apps mentioned above will help your kid in learning quickly.

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