Kojak Gives Us a Tell All Exclusive on His Killer Looks This GFF

I was not ready for Kojak at The Gouna Film Festival (GFF). I was not emotionally prepared for all the glitz, glam, embroidery, designs, diversity, exquisite finishing and absolute divalicious moments.

Every single gown that dropped my jaw to the floor was by Kojak. Every design that perfectly fit the ladies – in my humble opinion – was by Kojak. The 25-year-old Egyptian designer completely dominated the festival.

GFF isn’t over and so far Kojak has flawlessly dressed over 14 celebrities. From Huda El-Mufti, Arwa Gouda, Nehal Leheta, Faya Younan, Rosaline ElBay, Rowana Badry, Fatma Bahgat to Masha Dubrovskaya, Maha Abu Auf, Basma, Amir Eid, Sherif Hawary and their wives and more are yet to hit the Red Carpet.

“This year, the process of designing was completely different than the last couple of years. We dressed all sorts of body shapes and ages. Our Kojak Dolls were extremely diverse, where celebrities as old as Maha Abu Auf and as young as Huda ElMufti were both able to represent the brand’s diverse, funky and fun identity.” Kojak told us.

“The longest time we spent creating designs were for Arwa Gouda and Huda El-Mufti’s white gown at the opening ceremony. Arwa is very specific and meticulous. As for Huda, the material of the dress is actually plain and white. All of the work you see is organic embroidery that has no specific shape or sequence, created by leftover beads.” the designer added.

The trends spotted this year on the red carpet were feathers, big tulle and shiny/glittery gowns. According to Kojak, feathers have been trending for a few years, but only recently, celebrities decided to experiment with the look. A Kojak Doll that rocked the feathery style over three years ago was Sally Abed at the Dubai Film Festival.

Via Mohanad Kojak

A celebrity that the designer would have loved to dress again this year is Nelly Karim. Mohanad Kojak has become one of the most talked-about names in the regional fashion industry. We expect nothing less than recognition and love for the hard-working young man.

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