‘Khalsana b Sheyaka’ Series Just Made It to Netflix so Start Bingeing

Just when we thought Netflix couldn’t get any more addictive, our favorite Egyptian comedians joined the empire.

Via Netflix

Our favorite Ramadan comedy series from 2017, Khalsana B Sheyaka, just announced that the show is now featured on Netflix. The TV series, starring Ahmed Mekky, Chico, Hesham Magued, and Dina El-Sherbini, takes place in a futuristic dystopian setting where men and women are in an eternal battle.

‘The Last of Schmucks‘, as it’s called on Netflix, just joined a list of growing Ramadan sensations making it to the online streaming platform. Last April, Grand Hotel joined Netflix and Arabs all over the world got a glimpse of one of Egypt’s biggest shows.

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