Kato Hafez Project: The Kinetic Alexandrian Band That is Rocking The Music Scene

The music scene is forever changing and shifting in Egypt. With musicians drawing influences from all over the world while staying true and authentic to their Egyptian roots. It is a hard balance to achieve especially if it’s an authentically Western genre like Rock but one band from Alexandria called Kato Hafez Project is doing just that through their unique sound and even more unique band members. To learn more about the man behind the band, we reached out to him for an interview through Facebook.

The Frontman

Kato Hafez is a multi-instrumental musician and vocalist. He started playing music back in 2006. Decided to pursue music as an independent artist in 2011. He started self-learning on other instruments and discovering aspects of sound production and engineering until he released his first mini-album in 2015.

Hafez is a really talented musician, his talent made him one of 14 winners at RoundGlass Music Awards in the USA.

He is also an avid music fan and listener. His playlist includes so many genres such as Modern Metal like deathcore and metalcore, Post Rock, Djinnt, and many more. 

Probably one of the most useful talents Hafez has is guitar fixing and refurbishment. His Facebook page is full of before and after photos of him working his magic and helping other young musicians with their instruments.

The Band 

When asked about the formation of the project, Hafez says, “When I released my solo mini-album there was no intent except to post it online, then when a lot of people were listening, the idea of forming a band to play my music live with them came to be in 2019 and we started practicing in 2021.”

The unique band members are Kato Hafez (lead vocalist and electric guitar), Hossam Mashaly (electric guitar), Gasser Helal (bass guitar), and Ahmed El-Kholy (drums). 

Each member has a unique musical talent and a different approach from the others, whether it is the calm and collected approach like Hossam and Gasser, a curious wide-eyed approach like Hafez, or even the chaotic hectic approach of drummer Ahmed, they all compliment each other quite well. 

The Music 

Together they form the unique sound of the band that distinguishes them from other acts on the Egyptian Rock scene right now. Sonically, Hafez describes the band’s sound as “ear-friendly heavy rock” pointing out that it is still Rock at its core but the lyrics and singing style are still relatable and easy on the ear which is probably why they have an array of listeners, not just rock fans. 

Musically, these guys have their whole future ahead of them. When asked about what is next for the band, Kato says, “It can go either way. We can change the name and start writing music together, turning from a project to an official band, who knows?”

We cannot wait for all the new music and all the success the future holds for them. 

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