Kanye West Takes Flight: Rumored 2024 World Tour May Include Stops In Cairo & Dubai

Across Twitter, Instagram, and several media outlets, Kanye West, aka Yeezy, is hitting up multiple cities for his upcoming 2024 World Tour. For now, its tentative dates are from June 22, 2024 to February 7, 2025.

Despite the fact that no official announcements have been made, a couple of fans got ahold of tour planning documents that suggest that he’ll hold performances in Dubai, Tokyo, Cairo, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Madrid, and many other cities.


Before getting excited over the possibility of having Yeezy belting out “Stronger,” “Gold Digger,” and “Love Lockdown,” fans need to know that these dates are subject to change.

What’s known so far is that the upcoming tour is all about introducing singer Ty Dolla $ign’s upcoming debut album as a duo, Vultures, Volume One.

Stay tuned and keep your eye out for announcements during the upcoming days. You never know; Yeezy might actually be hitting up the Pyramids and Burj Khalifa sooner than you think.

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