Journey through Juice Cleansing: Day 3


Day 3:

It’s harder today. They say the first three days are the hardest. If you can make it past three days, it’s all better from there. Like Ramadan…

I turn on the kettle as I begin prepping my fruits and veggies. I’ve got to say, there’s something about the preparation of food (or in this case, juice) that I love. The cold water, the chopping, the peeling… Call me crazy, but I tend to find solace in the weirdest things. I find washing dishes relaxing.

Anyway, I prepared a green juice for breakfast, filled with apples, carrots, celery, lemon, cucumber, broccoli and more. But this time, instead of blending the avocado, I ate it. Because I’m a rebel. The actual juicing part is the most fun. I got a Philips juicer that can fit a whole apple, so I just throw them in whole and take out any stress on the crusher.

I went for my morning swim and decided to push myself a little further today. I think all those annoying Instagram fitness memes of ‘going the distance’ and ‘not giving up because that’s what the haters want’ must’ve on some subconscious level registered. So I doubled my laps. I used to be a swimmer, I can do this. I got this.
Except, I could not do this. I did not have this. As it turns out, shisha is actually bad for you. I do not have the same lung capacity as I did when I was a swimmer.

I wasn’t sure if it was the swim or maybe the day three hump, but the burst of energy dwindled a lot faster than the first two days. I started feeling hunger pangs around 10am and I was getting cranky. I drank my juice, but I was still not full. That’s weird. It’s usually pretty filling.

Around 2, I started panicking. I was hungry and cranky and I wanted food. I messaged my husband, “I can’t do this! I’m hungry and I can’t focus!” He replied, “Then drink another juice”.

“I don’t want juice! I want food” I replied.

“It’s all in your head. You’re getting all the nutrients you need from the juice. If you want, eat the stuff you put in the juice. Just try to push through.”

So that’s exactly what I did. I ordered tabouleh, which is parsley and lemon – two ingredients in my juice. The tomato isn’t in the cleanse, but tomato never hurt nobody. It was glorious. I chewed like a happy little bird. I got full after only a few bites, so my stomach must’ve shrunk.

I was able to finish the day strong, so I guess my meltdown was just a weak moment. While I feel lighter and healthier, my sinuses have been the turning point. I have chronic sinusitis and am practically allergic to mother Earth. My nose is congested 95% of the time, and my sinus migraines are lethal. Since I started the fast, I’ve felt a drastic change in my sinuses. I can breathe!

I will definitely continue juicing daily after this fast is over.


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