Jerusalem’s Longest Human Peace Chain Hugs the Walls of the City

A lot is going on in Palestine at the moment, and there have been multiple demonstrations taking place in all corners of the globe. People from different countries and religions protested and continue to protest the massacre taking place in Palestine. In addition, Jews have gone out to protest the brutalities committed by the Israeli government, and to deny their association with these politically-driven agendas. What’s more beautiful though has been the recent events regarding Israeli Jews forming a peace chain with Arabs in Jerusalem.

Amidst the shooting and the fighting in Palestine, Jewish and Arab women came together to advocate for peace. They gathered around the walls of the old city to protest the violence, forming a human peace chain. These pro-peace demonstrators include religious and secular Rabbis for Human Rights and Women Wage Peace, with the majority being citizens of Israel. Together, they formed the longest human “peace chain” in Jerusalem, a chain that that calls for hope and peace in a joint Jewish-Arab initiative.

East Jerusalem: Human chain along Old City Wall calls for hope and peace in  joint Jewish-Arab initiative | Video Ruptly
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Peace with our neighbors

Protestors held signs that read: ‘stop the war,’ and ‘together for security… future… life.’ As violence spiraled in the streets of Palestine, these pro-peace citizens expressed their fear of getting their homes torn down, and losing their children in the process.

Rivi Diamond, a member of Women Wage Peace and one of the event organizers, said: “In the face of the thousands of words of violence, hatred, power, revenge, arrogance, and racism, we will stand without words, and our thunderous silence will create the ‘victory image’ for all of us,” she said. “We must remember that only together, even if we have differences of opinion, may we create a shared future and work to reach peace with our neighbors,” Diamond added.

An inspiring moment to witness, and certainly something everyone hoped for. People are starting to understand how the ongoing violence affects our world, with a heavy price to pay in the loss of human spirit and lives.

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