Japanese Education System to Be Applied in 45 Egyptian Schools

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The education system in Egypt has proved how incompetent it is over the years. From curriculum that mainly consist of unnecessary fillers to Thanaweya Amma exams that are impossible to pass without private tutoring, students have been suffering for decades.


This year a new Minister of Education has been appointed and people have been quite hopeful. The Education Ministry announced in a statement on Tuesday that 45 Egyptian schools will introduce the Japanese education system Tokkatsu.


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The Japanese method is a technique that seeks a balance between social, emotional and physical developmental, as well as academics through various activities such as cultural and sports events. Tokkatsu system includes 10 activities per day which include garbage collection and respecting colleagues rights, developing teamwork skills and introducing personal hygiene basics.


In 2016-2017, 12 schools have implemented the system and the Education Ministry aims at including more schools in Cairo, Giza, Qaliubiya, Daqahliya, Alexandria, Matruh, Ismailia, Beheira, the Red Sea, Damietta, Port Said, Sharqiya, Gharbiya and others.



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