IWAN Unveils Its Latest Residential Compound Where All Roads Meet

Via IWAN Developments

IWAN Developments, the 15-year-old real estate company behind Jeera, Jewar, Alma, and other projects just revealed everything about its latest feel-good neighborhood. The Axis Project is a new residential compound away from the crowds of October and Sheikh Zayed. Blending cutting-edge homes of sleek architecture with a glimpse of nature’s best features makes it the place to live.

Via IWAN Developments
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There may be many things to look out for when choosing a home, but the location plays a very crucial role and The Axis Project perfectly integrates everything together. Being situated at the crossroad of Giza’s main roads, El Mehwar Corridor and Alexandria desert road, makes it easily accessible to everyone. The location along with the picturesque breathtaking green spaces as well as the modern designs of the residential units is everything one could ask for in a dream house. Speaking of the scenery, the land’s leveling offers magnificent views which makes The Axis Project so special.

Speaking of the units, The Axis offers a variety of options ranging between apartments to penthouses. Seems like living in an oasis developed enough to bring you all the coziness and comforts of the modern day, right? Well, IWAN Developments never fails to impress us with its projects.

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