It’s T-shirt Season!

It’s finally spring and the season of the tricky tees is upon us and you gotta fill that T-shirt, show those arms, feel and look great wearing them. When thinking of wearing T-shirts, you shouldn’t only consider doing the famous biceps curls for the big guns you’ve always wanted. The most important muscles you should consider for the best tee fit are actually the back muscles ( the Traps and the Triceps ) in addition to the shoulder muscle (the mighty Deltoid).

The Trapezius is that large diamond muscle extending on either side of the back of your shoulders up to the back of the neck. When well developed, it makes you look bigger, leaner and gives a great posture in addition to the beautiful V shape if added to a leaner waistline and well developed Lats. Work your traps by doing pull ups or rows and shoulder shrugs.

Secondly, those arms that show from within the sleeves are not only formed of the Biceps. The bigger the triceps muscle on the back of your arm plays the major role in filling those sleeves comprising almost 2/3 of the arm circumference. Dips and narrow grip pushups are great exercises to work your Triceps muscles, while Biceps curls and hammer curls are two great isolation exercises targeting the Biceps for those Mark Wahlberg guns.

For a maximum shoulder definition, you should target all three parts of the Deltoid muscle: Front, middle and back. Wide grip pushups are great for broadening your shoulders and maximizing Deltoid mass, but you should also consider front and lateral raises and rows to hit the three parts for the full Deltoid effect and the best T-shirt fit.

Ladies! Some of you might fear the idea of lifting weights. Don’t worry! You won’t get a massive muscle bulk if you lift weights. You need the diet and the hormonal levels of a male bodybuilder to get huge. Lifting weights – even the lightest – will help you tone your arms and prevent those saggy flaps of skin and give you the Jessica Beil arms. But, to get the best  body physique, one should consider what (s) he eats.

Reaching appropriate body fat percentages ( below 15 % ) would show those muscles and make you look great wearing your favorite T-shirt for the season. No matter how hard you work your upper body muscles, if they are covered with layers of fat, they would never show. So beware of what you put in your body. So keep in mind, if you’re trying to gain muscle mass, aim for higher content of lean proteins in your diet. If you’re trying to trim down the excess weight, don’t forget your Cardio sessions.

Enjoy the Spring !