Israel Attacks Move Beyond Lebanon’s Borders: What Is the Story?

Since October 7, Israel and Hezbollah have been exchanging daily cross-border strikes and the attacks only keep getting more severe. The most recent attack was just this Monday when two Israeli air strikes hit southern Lebanon near the city of Sidon. The target was several Hezbollah weapons storage facilities.

In the crossfires, fourteen were wounded, a mere continuation of the daily casualties faced by Lebanon. Once the two air strikes hit Southern Lebanon, large plumes of black smoke emanated from around the town. There are also reports going around that the strikes ended up hitting a residential area.

This attack is considered the first time that a strike has occurred in Ghaziyeh, about 60 kilometres north of the nearest Israeli boundary. This means that it’s the first time that attacks have taken place in areas beyond the borders themselves.

Last week, there was yet another severe attack where two sets of Israeli strikes hit Southern Lebanon, killing 10 civilians in its wake. Even before that, on what many called the bloodiest day for Lebanon during the ongoing genocide, there was a strike on a residential building that caused the death of seven members of the same family.

Since October, the ongoing attacks have led to at least 269 casualties on Lebanon’s side, with most being Hezbollah fighters and about 40 being civilians. Having Lebanon in the cross-fires of the Gaza genocide is yet another indication of the severity of the crisis.

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