Is There A Guidebook To Being Israeli? A Dive Into The 2009 Global Language Dictionary

Back in 2009, a guidebook was made for a single purpose, to change the perception of the US and Europe of Israel. Written by The Israel Project, a US-based non-profit organization, created a massive 116-page book all about directing readers to sympathize with Israel.

Anyone reading this book will notice how it is attempting to push for a specific narrative. Every word, every sentence, and every section within the handbook was handpicked and selected to propel the Israeli ideology. It teaches readers how to talk, think, and debate; it teaches readers what words to use words and what words not to use.

Not only are there entire pages filled with a glossary of words preferred to be used by Israeli representatives and spokespeople, they also have statements and words that they believe should be avoided.

For them, statements that work include “we are all in this together” or “peace before political boundaries”, words that are so far off from today’s tragic reality and the current genocide in Gaza. In a whole other section, you’ll find statements that they believe don’t work including, “We are prepared to allow them to build……”. They elaborated more on this by saying “Israelis cannot “allow” the Palestinians to move forward. They cannot “permit” or “control” or “instruct” the Palestinians to establish commerce, transportation, or a government.”

Along with that, you’ll find their views on everything from Hamas and Arab-Israelis to the United Nations. It is unknown how many people have read through its contents and believed its words and ideologies.

This is yet again another mere example of the type of information that keeps getting circulated and favored across the media and the world.

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