American TikToker Exposes Israel For Paying Content Creators To Spread Agenda

A popular American TikToker has posted on his account an email he received from a company ‘censoring its name’ that explicitly offered him 5,000 dollars to pledge support for Israel and post anti-Palestine content in favor of promoting “greater truth to the world.”

The email read disrespectful references to Palestinians calling them “rabid dogs”, and “terrorists”.

“We are willing to offer you $5000 to go live and pledge your support for Israel as we aim to provide you with resources and experts who can make you see the truth.” The content creator described this attempt as “horrible”, and “disgusting.”

Moreover, he is not the only content creator who has exposed such propaganda. Another famous TikToker, Cara Watson said a Pro Israel company whom she has been working for as an influencer immediately refused to continue working with her after Watson posted a Pro Palestinian Protest in London as an Instagram story. After which, they asked her to take it down, and publically announce that she is Pro Israel in order to get paid double the amount, she refused and said “You can’t buy my morals.”

These are just two examples from several similar others where the scenario is repeated. It is noteworthy that even students are said to be paid by the Israeli government to engage on social media with the people in order to spread the “truth” about the Palestine-Israel situation.

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