Is It True That Perfume Trigger Memories?

Have you ever passed by a nearby bakery with delicious smells traveling through the open doors? Then you are suddenly transported to Christmas time during your childhood years when you and your mom were baking together early in the morning to surprise the rest of the family with pastries and sweet ham? It is such a nice feeling to be reminded of memorable moments in the past only because a particular scent triggered such memories. 

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Now, have you ever wondered if there’s science behind the link between smells and our memories? It is such a unique yet familiar occurrence that not many of us have taken the time to figure it out.

The simple answer is yes – there’s a chemical reason why scents such as perfumes, food aroma, or any other smell can trigger specific memories and evoke strong emotions. The part of our brains that handles smells, memories, and feelings is integrated. Everyone’s sense of smell is wired to the brain in a distinct way among other senses. 

When a particular scent or a chemical particle representing that scent travels through the nose and into the brain’s olfactory bulb, the sensation is first processed into a form that’s recognizable by the brain. Once that happens, our brain cells bring that information to a small brain area called the amygdala – a place where emotions are processed! The data is then transferred to its neighbor, the hippocampus, which is responsible for learning and memory formation. 

This whole process is unique because among all the sensations – sight, sound, or touch – only scents travel directly through the emotional and memory centers of our brain. This is why there is an intimate connection between the three.

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Since we’ve established how scents are linked to memories and emotions, we can all agree that this is why perfumes are such a hit! We choose fragrances that we feel represent who we are or bring us joy whenever we smell them. They then become a part of our personality, something that will remind them of us when people smell. 

Perfumers take time and energy to have every scent made from actual experiences and stories –  traveling to new and exotic places, finding a contemporary romance, relaxing by the beach, or walking through a forest. Doing so helps them share the things they have done and the places they have visited those who will smell each perfume’s fragrances. Floral and sweet notes may automatically transport the wearer back to an afternoon walk in the park, surrounded by all kinds of flowers, while deciding where to sit and read a book. An aquatic note may take them back to a previous holiday in Europe, spent reunited with friends for a dreamy winter wedding. 

It is such a unique and fantastic experience to be continuously transported back to specific unforgettable moments only by smelling fragrances that remind us of such times. 

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