Iran’s Football Team is Definitely the Eye Candy of The Season!

By Summer El-Morally: 

Enough with dwelling on our drastic loss in the World Cup Russia 2018, because we feel that amidst everything negative happening, we left out a totally underrated team there.

They have got the skills, obviously, they made it to the world cup 2018, they have definitely got the looks and they have got the style. Ladies here is something to ease up life again.

The Drop-dead gorgeous team AKA the Iranian National Team:

Via Mirror 

 As most of us are familiar with “Always remember, it’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly” Well, this team was the first to arrive in Russia on June 5th and definitely, they were not anything near ugly.

This dream team had Spain, Portugal, and Morocco in their group, and exactly like all the Arab teams, this Asian squad, being the first Asian team to be qualified for the tournament, didn’t past the first round in any of the three World Cup appearances.