How Introverts Say ‘I Love You’

If there is one thing that scares an introvert more than a zombie apocalypse, it is saying those three little words that rip your soul out and display it to the whole world. If you are an extrovert who at some point have been in a relationship with an introvert, you know that expressing feelings for them needs time, effort and Buddha’s patience.

An introvert hates being the center of attention and loves to listen and analyze his surroundings in solitude. So when the time comes to say, “I love you”, you either never hear it or you have to wait for years.

Here are small ways introverts say “I love you” without saying anything at all:



Staring with a constant almost-smile while getting lost in you



Words never impress introverts; it is all about body language. Read them carefully: If they are in love, it will be all over their goofy smiles. Introverts think deeply before words leave their mouth and with romance, it’s no different. A long stare could mean a thousand “I love yous”.



A text message that says nothing but, “Hey”



Texting and mailing are introverts’ lifesavers, however they are not known for being spontaneous. Receiving an out-of-nowhere text during the weirdest time of day means you are too charming and they are losing it.



You become part of their awkward silence


Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 11.12.24 PM

Introverts can’t survive without some quiet time. They thrive on spending time alone and if you are included for an awkward silence session, then it means, “I love you, don’t ever leave me.”



Accompanying you to a social event that has more than 10 people



Masses of people usually overwhelm introverts. People mean conversations, conversations mean articulating what they are thinking and that usually takes forever to be put into the right words. Crowded areas can be very toxic to an introvert, yet for the sake of love, they will get over their discomfort and that should mean the world to you.



When texts turn to phone calls



Talking on the phone can be draining and exhausting. When your phone starts ringing instead of beeping, you need to understand the magnitude and emotional impact of that phone call.



When they are willing to be an extrovert for your sake and talk to your friends



They are not anti-social; they just don’t care about socializing as much as the rest of the world does. If you find one who is willing to have a conversation with your friends for more than five minutes, then you are damn special.



They expose their inner selves and deeply analyze their weirdest thoughts



Introverts are deeply introspective, constantly searching for a deeper meaning of life. They only talk when they have to and nothing is what it seems to be when you are in an introvert’s mind. Letting you in their magnificent web of thoughts means you are doing something right.



They chose you


Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.42.21 PM

Introverts take their time with everything. Their life pace is completely different than the rest of us, so just the fact that they are with you means it wasn’t a random or hasty decision. They need you to understand that their actions are greater than any word for “love” ever created.



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