Instagram Is Trying to Make Facebook Stories Happen with This New Feature


Who doesn’t just love posting stories of themselves, while doing the things they love. Whether it’s having breakfast at your favorite Abu Dhabi breakfast spot, or it’s enjoying the last days of summer in Egypt’s North Coast, or it’s hanging out with your family and friends over the weekend, we all just love to share what we’re doing using the infamous story feature.




Although this feature was created and popularized by Snapchat, Instagram Stories has come to beat Snapchat stories in terms of popularity among social media users. One social media outlet, where the story feature has failed miserably, however, is Facebook.




Some commentators have pointed out that this could largely be due to the nature of Facebook itself, as a social medium. Unlike Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook has always been a medium for less quick stories, and more vivid descriptions. And when you think about the logic behind this argument, it seems largely solid.


I mean, can you imagine your 5alto (Arabic term used to refer to maternal aunt or a close friend of your mother’s) not using Facebook to post a picture of a cake, accompanied by a very large piece of writing to your timeline on your birthday? Can you imagine what Facebook would be like without 3amo (Arabic term used to refer to paternal uncle or a close male family friend) posting a 500 word long political commentary?


It seems that Facebook, is seen as a much more thorough and textual medium, as opposed to Instagram and Snapchat. It is no surprise, therefore, that Facebook stories have failed.


Via: Mashable


Accordingly, in what seems as a desperate attempt to make Facebook stories happen, Instagram is testing out a new feature. This new feature gives users the option to share the pictures and videos they post to their Instagram stories, simultaneously and directly to their Facebook stories. It is an identical feature to the one which allows users to post a photo to their Facebook account, once it has been posted to their Instagram account.


Only time will tell whether or not this attempt will succeed, although I am pretty sure it still won’t do so well with 5alto and 3amo.



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