This 14-Year-Old Emirati Teenager Just Became One of the World’s Youngest Solo Pilots

Via: Popsugar


With only 25 hours of training, 14-year-old Mansoor Anis from Sharjah, has officially become one of the youngest solo pilots ever.


Via: Popsugar


Anis started learning how to fly a plane when he was just seven years old, using a computer flight simulator, and the help of his uncle. “With the simulation software, he (the uncle) began training me how to fly a plane,” Anis told Khaleej Times.


His interest in aviation started to grow with him. He traveled to Canada with his mother to follow his passion at the AAA Aviation Flight Academy. The academy’s Chief Flight Instruction (CFI) was hesitant at first: he did not know if it were okay for him to admit such a young person to the academy.


At first, the CFI wasn’t fully willing to teach me. But after my first flight, he was very excited to teach me because he found that I knew a lot and that I learned quickly. What I had learned from my uncle helped me a lot.


His uncle had helped him with the theoretical bits, and taught him how to use flying equipment and instruments.  Anis officially finished his first his solo flight on August 30.


I was a little nervous, but I was ready to fly. I was excited.


He returned safely to Sharjah this week, and he is now planning on taking his aviation career to the next step, without slowing down.



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