An Instagram Account That Promises To Turn Your Feces Into Glitter

I come across a lot of shit on social media, however glittery shit was an unpleasant surprise. @Shit_woow is an Instagram account that sells pills online, promising to add a little bit of color and glitter to your stool. Most of the captions are clearly targeting those who are bored of a mundane toilet experience or newlyweds who are too ashamed of their feces — as if husbands are supposed to see it!




Why anyone would think of this is beyond me and I’d be surprised if some followers were not intrigued enough to give it a try just for a laugh. I would like to thank this page for the one hour long LOLs, yet I’m pretty sure this is not human friendly and a scam.


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.10.13 AM


Check out their rainbow like options here.



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