Inspired by Mamluk Minbars, the “New From Old” Series Bridges Egyptian Heritage and Modern Design

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The Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation are making a great job in their latest short documentary series New From Old! The artistic series is directed by Ahmed Hamed and Amir Eid. The documentary series highlights some of the most talented craftsmen and designers; they work together with the foundation to produce new products inspired by the old with a modern twist, and all of them are linked to the Mamluk Minbars.

The series is still ongoing, and the ones that are out are already super interesting for all the arts and culture enthusiasts. Check out the YouTube channel of the foundation to watch the series and get your daily dose of art served, and here are some of our favorites!

Atef Kamal creating bed sheet Inspired by minbar of Amir Uljay al-Yusufi

Hana El Masry creating two trays inspired from the panels of Lajin’s Minbar

Maya Goweily designing a vest inspired by Minbar of Amir Altinbugha al-Maridani

Adam Elwan designs jewelry inspired by the minbar of Sultan Lajin

Mohamed Abla creates textile prints using patterns from the minbar

WE SAID THIS: For more videos from the series head over to their YouTube Channel.