Infinix Aims for Empowerment With Revolutionary 32mp Selfie Smartphone

Infinix is one of the leading smartphone brands in Africa, the Middle East, India, and 30 other markets around the world, making it one of the top three smartphone brands in the North African region which includes Egypt and Morocco.

The pace of change in the smartphone scene has been swift since the last decade. Starting from the emergence of the touchscreen option to the non-stop upgrading of network speeds. We never thought that the possibility of using smart devices was that easy, enabling us to access the virtual world!

When the touchscreen was first introduced, it totally changed how we perceive and utilize smartphones. A similar transformation took place with the development of smartphone intelligence such as the infusion of cameras with AI for better image detection and optimization.

Infinix is a brand that has long been providing the most cutting edge technology to its costumers, not only satisfying their needs but its also going to empower them by introducing the impressive 32MP Selfie camera, quite a historic feat that can barely be rivaled.

Infinix S4 is set to actually change the selfie scene with its amazing camera that possesses higher intelligence with automatic detection capabilities. The phone also features a 6.2’ inch water-drop display screen, a triple rear camera for better portrait images, a memory of 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM, a fast octa-core processor, a 4000 mAh battery power and for a seamless operation experience an upgraded XOS 5.0 software is installed.

The S4 device is challenging the smartphones that are currently dominating the tech industry, and claim its spot among the top smartphones this year.

The series S device has branched out of the HOT series to focus on selfie optimization. It’s all about creating the ultimate selfie potentials of empowerment to its consumers. When you take a selfie using the S4 camera, it will be one of a kind, it might actually turn you into a social media star.

I just need you to imagine the vivid selfies that can be captured using the 32MP AI selfie camera which has a capacity of 1.6um ultra pixels and an F2.0 aperture. The camera has a capacity that is so high for light intake and absorption, giving you a surreal selfie experience that can only be fantasized about.

The advanced Samsung S5KGD1 sensor, and the 5P optical lens will surely give you the best contrast and resolution ratios for your optimal image purification. The triple 13MP+8MP+2MP rear camera is another added bonus; it permits the capturing of 120 pictures at once of far and wider angels that are not easy to achieve using an ordinary dual camera device.

The S4’s glossy dual glass like design is just the icing of the cake! it’s giving the device a royalty appearance, making it on the same level as the high-end smartphones.

The S4 has integrated a ‘Smart power management service’ which helps optimize the power utilization by automatically encouraging an inactive status for apps not in use and halt their background data uptake. A true innovation that helps empower the green environment conservation movement.

Better security is no longer a privilege but a must have in a gadget, the S4 has infused an algorithm which can detect up to 1024 data points on the face; in order to increase the face detection when taking a selfie. The device also provided solid security for all the stored data via the face unlock function as well as the finger print lock technology.

WE SAID THIS: S4 is going to defiantly be a gadget in empowering our golden generation in various emerging markets, and a true game-changer in the market itself.