In Tribute to Amr Fahmy, the Man Who Took on Corruption and Founded Ultras Ahlawy

After a severe battle with Cancer, Amr Fahmy, Former General Secretary of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and one of the Founders of Ultras Ahlawy, passed away on Sunday, aged 36.

Al Ahly’s official Twitter account offering their condolences to Amr’s family

Ultras Ahlawy, or UA07, is a group of hardcore Ahly fans in Egypt. Before his association with the CAF, Amr was always seen at the stadium stands during any of Al Ahly games. All Ultras groups in Egypt were banned in 2015 by a Cairo court, based on terrorism accusations.

Amr Fahmy ist heute gestorben. Der Vater einer 3 Monate alten Tochter war seit 8 Jahren regelmäßiger Gast im…

Posted by on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Amr was born to a family with deep sports-related roots. His grandfather, Mourad Fahmy, and his father, Moustafa Fahmy, had previously served as General Secretaries of the CAF.

After news spread on his death, Twitter and Facebook fans took to their platforms, expressing their sorrow, for Amr was well-known as the whistleblower who revealed the corruption inside the CAF. Less than two years into his job at the CAF, he was fired, after accusing CAF’s president Ahmad Ahmad of bribery.

Sadly, Amr intended to run for the upcoming presidential elections for the CAF in 2021.

WE SAID THIS: Our condolences to his family!