In the Heart of Alexandria: The Best Spots for Sweet Tooth Lovers

Alexandria proves itself as a cosmopolitan city, time after time again. It’s almost a theme throughout the years. From B.C times until now, the coastal city was and forever still a hub for so many different ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Even now at the age of the internet, social media, and trends. Alexandria still keeps up with the times as it always does, mainly because of its people who not only follow trends but set them as well! So here are 8 Alexandrian trendy spots that are particularly delicious when it comes to their desserts and beverages.

Puffy Pops 

Located in Kafr Abdo, Puffy Pops is a small dessert shop specializing in.. well puffy pops! Soft pillowy balls of dough with your choice of filling and topping cooked in special molds that give the dessert a slightly crispy exterior, gooey center, and of course the signature cute ball shape.

The Joint also has a really wide collection of drinks and other American classics like cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes. A personal favorite. 


Not far from Puffy Pops, located in Sidi Gabr lies a really special joint serving really special cakes. Chimney Cake, it is a Hungarian delight from the street markets of Europe all the way to Egypt. The texture of the cake is a mix between chewy and fluffy. There is really no way to describe it unless you try it for yourself. 

The place is cute with pastel colors and decorations.


Located in Smouha, this rather small joint offers a very chill lowkey experience. Famous for its New York-style cheesecake, Cakeolicious has a variety of pastries with a modern twist and flavor. The chill vibe of the place is a delightful bonus. 

Boba Spot

Also a personal favorite. Boba spot is located at Sporting Tram Station, a cute place with the most welcoming owner and server. They specialize in Asian desserts such as Tapioca pearls, Popping Boba, and an absolute addiction called Mochi, a Japanese dessert made of sweet rice flour and stuffed with ice cream. If Boba took the internet by storm then Boba Spot did the same to Alexandria. It’s not just hype, it’s all the hype.

Triplo C

Located in Sidi Gaber, this café is truly diverse with a really wide variety of choices from all over the world, European, American, and Asian. Their Boba is to die for and the place is cozy as most cafes here in Alexandria are. 

Uncle Fluffy

Yet another trend that was so big, it hit the coast of Alexandria like a tidal wave. Uncle Fluffy specializes in that trend which is Japanese Fluffy Cheesecake. The jiggly dessert seems to be everyone’s favorite. It shows since Uncle Fluffy has two locations: one in Alexandria’s City Center and the other in Gleem Bay.

Candy Corner

A really funky place with eye-catching serving style and decorations, this café is a haven for those with a major sweet tooth like myself. The varieties are there but their chocolate is the signature there. But, their caramel dip wins it in my opinion.

Sane3 El-Saada (The Inventor of Happiness)

It became a tradition for many Alexandria natives especially the young to go to this candy shop on big holidays. Selling all types of exported candies from all around the world. A kid in a candy store is literally everyone in Alexandria thanks to this shop.

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