In the Aftermath of Yesterday’s Heavy Rainfall, Cairo’s Regional Ring Road Collapses

Today, Egypt’s General Administration of Traffic announced that the newly-inaugurated Regional Ring Road will be closed due to yesterday’s heavy rainfall, which caused the formation of a 30-meter deep sinkhole.

A section of the road starting from the 30th kilometer from Al-Wahat road heading to Fayoum closed yesterday in light of extreme weather conditions. The sinkhole, which is 150 meters long, 30 meters wide, and 30 meters deep, did not result in any loss of lives or property. However, it caused a major inconvenience for commuters.

The Director of the General Administration of Traffic, General Alaa Metwally ordered rescue vehicles to span out across different parts of the road until the issue is resolved.

Officials put signs all over the road to notify drivers of thecatastrophe, and currently, the traffic authority is working on removing the water and filling the sinkhole.

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